Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Thank You!
This website is quickly becoming a favorite of mine, since it helps me to confirm/discover dates related to our relatives. During the fall, I posted a request for photos of the tombstones in the Richardson Cemetery located in Chariton, Missouri. I realized there were few chances I would be traveling that way (live on the East Coast) and thus thought I would give it a try. Not only did I get a picture of the stone I was looking forward, but a wonderful women posted all of the pictures from the Cemetery that she had taken previously including this one for Reverend Ancil RICHARDSON. The Richardson men seem to have a wonderful long life - Ancil living 75 years, and his father William Richardson living close to 90 years. Considering that Ancil was born in North Carolina, moved to Tennessee, was a preacher in Tazewell County, Virginia, before returning to Missouri, I would guess that this is unusual for the time period.

This picture success is not a first. I've used their service several times, and I'm consistently thrilled by the results. I special "THANK YOU" to all individuals who willing take pictures at cemeteries and get them posted.

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