b. January 26, 1848; Beardstown, IL
d.  March 21, 1906; Beardstown, IL

b.  1858, Illinois
d.  June 13, 1913, Illinois

Jacob was born in 1948.  He died on March 21, 1906 in Beardstown, Garfield County, Illinois.  He married Dora Lee in 1877.  They raised a family of eight children.  When Jacob was a young man he was not in robust health and it was planned to educate him for a professional career.  He attended the State Normal College but returned to the farm east of Beardstown, Illinois, which he carried on with his brother Alexander for a number of years.  He wrote for the local papers under the nom-de-plume of Jack-in-the-Cornfield and was widely read and liked.  After his marriage he went with his family to Colorado for the benefit of his health and spent several years there.

The children included:
Charles Lee (1878-1943) married Ora Propst
Lycurgus Solon (1880 - 1947)
Norman Sumner (1882-1958) - described below
Ruth (1887 - 1919) married Tom Propst
Joseph Oscar (1890 - ?)
Anna Drinkwater (1893-1934) married Tom Pomeroy
Roswell Maxwell (1896-1966) married Helen Curtis
Doralee (1904-1994) married Joe Carson

b. March 20, 1882; Beardstown, IL
d. January 14, 1958; Sand Springs, MT

Norman was my husband's grandfather.  He was born in Beardstown, Illinois.  He graduated in 1907 from the University of Illinois, and attended the 50th reunion of his class prior to his death.  In 1910 he came to Montana and took up a homestead near Sand Springs and lived there until his death.  He married Anna Sophia Carolina Braun on March 4, 1910 in Lewistown, Montana.  They had 5 children: Ralph Maxwell (1911 - 1957); Alta Frances (1913 - 1991); Kenneth Dee (1914 - 2000); Ruth Virginia (1917 - 1980) and my husband's mother Katherine Jane who was born in 1919.  She married Willis Barney Richardson, and still lives in Miles City, MT.

The notes for this information come from the obituaries in the Great Falls Tribune and the Jordan Tribune, 1958.