b. March 12, 1872; Scottdale, PA
d. December 16, 1908; Scottdale, PA

b. December 20, 1873; Scottdale, PA
d.  May 26, 1945; Sebring, Ohio - buried in Scottdale, PA

My father wrote little about his King grandfather, in part because he passed before his birth. Clark W. KING was born in 1872, to Samuel KING and his wife Minerva WHIPKEY. He was given his mothers last night as his middle name, and it has been passed down through multiple generations.

Clark married Jennie (Jane MILLER) on May 21, 1896 in Scottdale, PA.  Pastor Lawrence Keister of the United Brethen Church married them.  They then had 7 children (Virginia, John, Rayburn, Elizabeth, Doris, Kenneth and Clark W.) prior to Clark's death from influenza in 1908.  The majority of the pictures of the time show the children with Jennie, and her father, John MILLER, who stood in as the children's patriarch during their early years.  After Virginia married Maurice COFFMAN and moved to Sebring, Ohio, many of the other's followed including Jennie.

1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 Federal Census Index, retrieved from
Upper Tyrone, Fayette County, Pennsylvania and Scottdale borough, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Unpublished family history by Maurice Fred Coffman, grandson, in 1988

b. February 20, 1897; Fayette County, PA
d. July 23, 1966; Alliance, OH

My father wrote this piece about his mother in 1987, as part of the Coffman-King History.

My mother, Virginia KING COFFMAN was the oldest child in a family of seven. Her father Clark Whipkey KING died from influenza when she was 12. This event and the following years of working with her mother to keep the family together influenced many of her attitudes and actions for the remainder of her life. For instance she wanted "good" material things for herself as well as for her children. She wanted her children to have and to do things never possible for her. At the same time she was strict and demanded that each child have household chores and do them. Mother was a religious person, take an active part in church affairs. In Scottdale, mother and dad attended the United Brethern Church, and in Ohio they were active in the Church of Christ. She was a member of The Eastern Star and participated in school and community affairs. In later years she and my father enjoyed wintering in Florida. Mother became sick in Florida, returned home and died of a stroke in July 1966. Mother and Dad are also buried in Grandview Cemetery, Sebring, Ohio.

Virginia King Coffman and Maurice Coffman from early 1960's

Virginia was one of seven children. They included John (1898-1974), Rayburn (1900 - 1966), Elizabeth (1901 - 1966); Doris (1902 - 1976), Kenneth (1906-1976) and Clark (1907-1962).  They are pictured below in a photo from the early 1960's taken at the farm in Sebring.

1920, 1930 Federal Census Index, retrieved from; Sebring, Mahoning County, Ohio
Personal memories of Maurice Fred Coffman, son, and unpublished family history of 1988
Personal papers in possession