Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lycurgus S. Lee (1827-1918)

       Lycurgus (Curt) S. Lee (1827 - 1918), an early settler of Cass County, was born in Montgomery County, Maryland.  He was a farmer near Bluff Springs.  His parents were Caleb and Matilda (Higgins) Lee.  Caleb sold his share of the family plantation in Maryland and, with his wife and children, came to Illinois in 1831.  Caleb bought land one mile south of Bluff Springs, Cass County ( then part of Morgan County ), in 1832. 
     Lycurgus was raised on his father’s farm.  He attended what was known as the corner schoolhouse and worked on the farm.  He later served as school director and road commissioner.  Lycurgus had several brothers and sisters:  John; William; Thomas (moved to Nebraska); Margaret (married Franklin Hammer of Beardstown); Amanda (married Ossian Ross and they moved to Missouri); Martin (moved to Atchison County, MO, where he was county clerk), and Charles.  Apparently, John and William died young.  Lycurgus was baptized at Rock Creek Episcopal Church in Montgomery County, MD.  The Lees went to the Methodist church near Bluff Springs. 

     In 1854, Lycurgus married Luvina Ream.  She was born in Morgan County, IL, the daughter of John and Catherine (Purvine) Ream.  The Reams came from Pennsylvania, and originally from Germany.  Catherine (Purvine) was born in Miami County, OH.  Lycurgus and Luvina’s children were:  Charles, Dora, Mary, Anna, Solon, and Ada.  
Information comes from Dale Robertson, a cousin in Illinois.